Ignition Interlock Device

If you thought taking a Breathalyzer from police was annoying, imagine taking that test every time you start your car and at random intervals while driving. That’s the idea behind one of the latest automotive inventions.

As part of a punishment for a DUI, the courts may order an ignition interlock system to be installed in your vehicle or vehicles that are in your immediate family. This is a way to give back some driving privileges during a DUI process. But it is also disruptive and will inconvenience you and your family members.

An ignition interlock device attaches to the dashboard of vehicles. This device works by requiring the driver to breathe into the instrument each time you start the car. The driver must also breathe into it at random intervals while driving. This is to prevent a sober person from starting the car and letting an intoxicated friend do the driving.

The ignition interlock system is a tool designed to stop drunk driving, but is not without flaws. Some cons include:

• That it is less accurate than the Breathalyzer used by police
• That it may cause distraction while driving
• That it is costly to implement and maintain
• There is no real proof of DUI prevention
• It does not keep the person from driving another car

If you breathe into the device and you exceed the specified alcohol limit (usually .02 to .04) the car will not start. It will then log the event and warn you (the driver) by starting up an alarm such as flashing lights and sounding a horn. It will only stop once the ignition is turned off.

Hire a DUI Lawyer

Your qualified attorney may be able to prevent an obnoxious interlock device from being installed in your vehicle. A lawyer specializing in DUI law for your state can discuss all of your options in full detail. Please find help before it’s too late!