Administrative License Suspension & Limited Travel

Having your driver’s license taken away with no proof of guilt? Believe it because it’s happening all over the country.

For simply refusing a chemical test for alcohol, police have the right to immediately suspend your driver’s license. This is due to a law known as implied consent. Implied consent simply refers to any driver who must take a chemical test when requested by a police officer. Every state has some type of implied consent law in place.

Your driver’s license may also be immediately suspended if a test is submitted and the blood alcohol content is .08% or higher. Every state has a legal limit set in place to stop drivers from drinking and driving.

When the license is suspended, the officer will give a notice of suspension, which also serves as a permit to drive for 7-90 days before the suspension takes place. Depending on the state, the suspension generally lasts 90 days, but may last up to a year.

This “on the spot” suspension is completely separate from the DUI charge the same suspect may receive; causing many to believe it is double jeopardy. As unjust as the law may appear, it is the law and it is a serious inconvenience to motorists.

If your license has been suspended, please contact a DUI attorney in your state. You need their expertise on your side!

DUI Travel

With all the DUI punishments out there, it is challenging to learn all of them. Many are “hidden” punishments and things that may have never crossed your mind. Limited travel is one of them.

Most DUI convictions are misdemeanors (punishable by up to 1 year in jail). For recurring DUI offenders it may be difficult to travel internationally. All nations are different, but DUI crimes will be known by any country you’re trying to enter. A DUI conviction is a crime, and any crime is a reason for a nation to reject your entry.

A total ban from some countries may be the case if the crime was a felony. Misdemeanors may also restrict entry for several years.

And then there are some nations, such as Canada that consider any crime an offense. They will limit or completely bar you from entering their country if they find a crime on your public record.

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be telling your friends or family that you can’t go on a big trip because you have a DUI conviction? As you can see, DUI punishments can affect every aspect of your life.

A Skilled DUI Attorney Will Help

A qualified DUI attorney will cover this issue with you along with all of your concerns. If you’re facing a charge, contact a specialized DUI lawyer immediately. Often, your DWI lawyer will need to associate an immigration attorney who can facilitate an application for limited admission to the country where you plan to travel. You’ll want to give plenty of time for this to be done, because applications can take months.