Wisconsin DUI and OWI

OWI/DUI Laws in Wisconsin

People who are arrested for drunk driving in Wisconsin usually face two charges. The first charge is for driving while intoxicated. The second is for driving with a prohibited alcohol concentration (PAC). This citation will be issued if your blood or breath test results are above the legal limit. In Wisconsin, the PAC is.08 for the first, second, and third offenses. For fourth and subsequent offenses, the penalty is.02.

What Happens To First Time DUI Offenders in Wisconsin?

If your blood alcohol content or BAC is proven to be over .08 percent, then you are instantly considered as OWI or operating while intoxicated in the State of Wisconsin and you will automatically have your first offense.

Once this is the case, you will most likely receive two tickets. The first one is an OWI ticket for operating a motorized vehicle while you are under the influence of alcohol. The second is a PAC or prohibited alcohol concentration kind of ticket for operating a motorized vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration. The penalties charged for both cases are definitely identical.

Once you are issued a DUI, you have about ten working days to request an administrative hearing in defense of your claims. Otherwise, when you fail to meet this requirement, your license will automatically be suspended.

In order for you to be considered a first time offender, you must not have had any OWI or DUI violations for the last ten years in any state in the US.

First Wisconsin DUI Penalties

  • Jail – In Wisconsin, DUI and OWI charges are not considered to be criminal claims therefore imprisonment is not required nor necessary. It is simply considered an ordinance violation.
  • Fines / Fees – Not less that $150.00 and not more than $300.00. Court costs increase the range from roughly $650.00 to $900.00.
  • Wisconsin Driver’s License Suspension – Revocation of driving privileges of no less than six months and no more than nine months.

Wisconsin Occupation Driver’s License

If you are a first offender who has never had any suspension or revocation within the past twelve months, then you are most likely eligible for an occupational license. You will immediately be issued one right after your application.

This kind of license also known as the occupational operator’s license is one that allows you to drive to and from work, school, alcohol assessment and counseling place, and sometimes other equally important tasks. However, you are not allowed to go beyond sixty hours per week or about twelve hours of driving per day. You can easily apply for an occupational license at the Motor Vehicle Department.

Aggravated DUI in Wisconsin

While there are some circumstances in which the penalties for an OWI conviction are increased, there is no specific statute that defines whether an OWI is aggravated or not. In the case of an OWI in Wisconsin, the court will consider both aggravating and mitigating factors, such as the amount of alcohol or other controlled substance in the person’s system. An OWI charge will be aggravated if the charged individual created additional risk, showed lack of regard for others, or acted particularly irresponsibly.

Get DUI Help In Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, OWI or operating while intoxicated is a very popular case. Sometimes to may hear it being referred to as drunk driving or DUI. Sometimes it can also be referred to at DWI. The name usually varies depending on the state you are in. Each state has its own drunk driving laws and penalties and refers and deals with this kind of situation differently as well.

However, the most common term used is DUI or is also known as drinking under the influence. If you have recently been arrested for an OWI in Wisconsin, it would do you good to find a DUI lawyer who can help you fight OWI charges.

You can consider doing two things once you are charged with an OWI or operating while intoxicated in Wisconsin:

You have to be very serious in dealing with your OWI or drunk driving case.

Know for a fact that you can expect long term consequences once you are convicted with a DUI or OWI offense in Wisconsin and you will certainly have a criminal record as well. Once you do have it, chances are you will find it very difficult to find employment. Your future and personal freedom will also be greatly affected because then you can no longer go out and travel as freely as you wish.

You can also hire an experienced Wisconsin Lawyer or OWI Attorney who has great experience in Wisconsin OWI law.

Hire a Wisconsin OWI Attorney

It would certainly do you good to hire the services of an OWI lawyer or attorney in Wisconsin who has great knowledge and understanding of the DUI laws and courtroom proceedings because this can be very challenging on your part.

When you hire a qualified individual to do the job for you, you can be certain that the result of your case will be different. Therefore, it would be best for you to hire someone whose practice greatly concentrates on drunk driving defense. If you are interested to do so, then now is the best time for you to begin at it. There is no need to spend for anything or worry about the information you will share in your initial interview because you can certainly have it confidential.

You can use the list you can find about to begin fighting for your drunk driving case. It is very easy to locate a Wisconsin OWI Lawyer or attorney who knows just what to do and how to address your drunk driving charges.