Rhode Island DUI

What Happens to First Time Offenders in Rhode Island?

Once your DUI or drinking under the influence in Rhode Island has a blood content of .08 percent or more, you will immediately be charged with DUI. If it so happens that you are still under the age of 21 and you have the same percentage of alcohol content in your blood system or even more, then you can expect to be charged with far severe convictions.

Rhode Island DUI Penalties

Jail – There is no option for imprisonment for those charged with DUI in Rhode Island.

Fines/Fees – A charge of about $100 to $300 fine is automatically charged to you the moment you are proven to have a blood alcohol content of over 15 percent. You may also be charged with a $500 highway safety assessment.

License Suspension – Your driver’s license can also be suspended from three up to six months. A reinstatement fee after that can be charged to you for a fee of $50.

Community Service – Community service is also another option you can take on. About ten to sixty hours worth of community service for the first offense will be mandated to you by the court.

Get DUI Help in Rhode Island

Alcohol Assessment/Screening – A alcohol assessment of screening can be conducted by the Community College of Rhode Island through referral.

Education / Treatment – Depending on the result of your assessment, you may be required to undergo an alcohol drug treatment as well. This kind of treatment would require you to service up to ten hours of classroom instructions and will cost about $250 that which you have to pay. Depending on the result of your assessment, you may also be charged to complete an intensive outpatient treatment program that will be monitored. This will also have a cost that which you have to also pay for.

Test Refusal – The moment you refuse to take some necessary tests, your license would then be suspended for a minimum of about ninety days. You may also be subjected to some fines, together with a highway assessment program, public community service, may be required to attend a drunk driving school and/or an alcohol treatment program.

Under 21 DUI in Rhode Island

If you are driving under the influence and you are still under 21 years of age, and your blood alcohol test or BAC results to 0.05 percent but less than .08 percent, you can still be convicted with a DWI or driving while impaired and once you are proven to be guilty, different charges would be put against you.

A blood alcohol content level as low as 0.02% (which is less than one beer for most people) can also result in the revocation of your driver’s license, a fine of up to $150, and community service of up to 100 hours.

The very moment you are charged with some DUI offense charged in the State of Rhode Island, there’s certainly no need for you to fret about it because you will find that there are two things that you can still do:

One is to take your drunk under the influence claim into serious consideration.

Hire an Experienced Rhode Island DUI Attorney

The very moment you are convicted with DUI claims in the State of Rhode Island, you can immediately claim some long term consequences on your part that can likewise affect your future, your personal freedom, as well as your criminal records. Therefore you would also find it potentially difficult to be hired for some jobs.

Secondly, you can take on another option and hire the services of a well trained DUI lawyer or attorney in the state of Rhode Island.

The moment that you do, you will find that a lot of things would then work to your advantage. No longer would you have to stress yourself too much when it comes to understanding the laws and courtroom proceedings that apply to this state. Also, when you hire the services of a well trained attorney, you will have a different result for your condition. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything else at all. If you are convinced that hiring the services of a DUI attorney is perfect for you . A free consultation will be made available for you to take advantage of.