Driving is one of the typical activities that we all must do. Every single day, people experience drink driving duo and are in desperate need of a DWI attorney. In every state, there are two laws that are cracking down on these offenders since these drink driving duo arrests are a profitable means revenue for public governments.

The state of NY DUI laws is no different. If you have picked un an aggravated DWI New York State, you will need an aggravated DWI attorney. Dealing with new intoxicate law New York NY can be difficult for the average American citizen to handle alone. If you or someone you know is facing NY DUI charges, here are a few things you should know:

DUI laws come with more severe consequences than offenders faced in the past. Those who break NY DWI laws can expect jail time since it is pretty much mandatory for repeat offenders. Even if you hire a DWI lawyer in NY, the judge over your case decides if you serve jail time or not. An aggravated DWI New York state can lead to a suspended license, jail time, and a felony conviction.

What Can Happen to My License if I suffer aggravated DWI New York state charges?

After you’re convicted of a NY DWI charge, you can have your license suspended, go to jail and also be forced to pay court fees and other fees associated with an aggravated DWI attorney.

Some of the common consequences for aggravated DWI New York state are listed below:

  • First-time offenders of the new intoxicate law NY can face fees anywhere from $500 to 1000 dollars. They can also face having their license suspended and up to six months of probation with the potential incarceration term at the maximum of a year.
  • Second-time offenders of DWI laws within ten years can end up paying fees up to $5000. Even after hiring a DUI attorney, any aggravated DWI New York state can face a felony conviction with a jail sentence at a maximum of four years
  • Third-time offenders of DWI laws in a ten-year time frame will face legal fees of approximately $10,000. Offenders can also face having their license suspended for up to one year and a felony conviction with the possibility of serving seven years in jail.