New Hampshire DUI

You will be convicted with DUI or driving under the influence if you are instituted to have a blood alcohol level of .08% or elevated while in use an automobile. The edict of margin for DUI changes for commercial vehicle operators and minors are different however, where a commercial driver can be booked for DUI charges on a count of a BAC level of .04% and drivers under the age of 21 at .02%. There is also maximum sentencing awarded to offenders found to be at a BAC level of .16% and above whereas the appropriate sentencing will merit maximum license suspension and increased fines.

What Happens To First Time DUI Offenders in New Hampshire?

First time DUI is considered as a misdemeanor and tried as such in New Hampshire. A convicted DUI offender may face up to six months of county jail and an additional $1000 court fine among other appointed fees after sentencing. The defendant is also ordered to pay the costs of all chemical tests conducted and enroll in a driving education program with a mandatory completion of attendance to a Victim Impact Panel meeting. Additional charges are incurred by minors who have been found to reach the “extremely intoxicated” limit of .18% and are court-ordered to have alcohol evaluation.

First time DUI convicts face both criminal and administrative charges. Aside from incarceration, drug testing, fines and attendance to a Victim Impact Panel and DUI or Substance Abuse program, the defendant’s vehicle is also impounded with no financial reimbursement. The drivers license is revoked for 90 days with an appointed reinstatement and compensation civil penalty fee and mandatory testing before a license can be given back.

The defendant is also required to purchase an SR-22 Certificate of Liability Insurance for three years. DUI education required for convicted DUI offenders are pretty manageable, where you can choose between a 4 two hour or 1 eight hour lesson, for “extremely intoxicated” cases there is a court mandate to subject yourself to the Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse evaluation and further counseling.

For minors- those who are under 21, on a first offense basis and have been found to contain .02% BAC, but less than .08%, a recommendation of six month day license suspension and a fine for delinquency disposition is required as well as other conditional orders as dictated by the court.

Repeat Offenses for New Hampshire DUI Arrests

Multiple convictions for DUI in the state of New Hampshire can lead to severe criminal charges. As with most states, harsher penalties are imposed on repeat DUI offenders, who are treated with the same sentencing if not more stringent, parameters as suspected offenders that qualify as high BAC offenders.

These are suspects who have been found to have a BAC of .15 to .20. This kind of charge requires additional sentencing parameters, such as required alcohol rehabilitation programs and criminal charges which may face incarceration of up to several years- what repeat DUI defendants can expect of their sentence.

A repeat offender, per certain degree who are arrested for a DUI charge are subject to more criminal law penalties which may not be covered here, such as additional jail time, required community service, appointed court fines. This form of sentencing is discretionary than identified for first time offenders as it can be customized by a presiding judge. Penalties incurred for repeat DUI offenders who are involved in accidents or cause severe bodily harm and worse death, will be subject to the maximum sentencing parameters for the charge and can be charged with Felony DUI which can result to an extensive jail term and court appointed sentences.

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