Indiana DUI

What Happens To First Time Offenders in Indiana?

First time offenders in the state of Indiana are charged with DUI if found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or greater. There is also a pertinent requirement for a BAC of .04% for commercial drivers and a very low .02% for minors. In Indiana, DUI arrests are considered as misdemeanors for the first offense and are provided with appropriate degree of sentencing. As light as this may seem, the state laws do not provide any prejudice, first offense or not for any DUI arrests which have lead to death or serious bodily injury- each case is treated as a felony and are given due sentencing and review.

License suspension in Indiana

License suspension in Indiana for DUI convictions vary, from 90 days to five years depending on the collateral damage and extent of conviction as well as arrest circumstance for each offender. Although there is no prescribed minimum jail sentencing for first time offenders, secondary offenders are given a felony conviction and determined non-minimum jail allotment. Third time and recurring DUI arrests are invariable and warrant a minimum sentencing of 6 months incarceration with a merit of 5, 10 and life suspension for driving licensure.

OWI (Operating while intoxicated)

OWI (Operating while intoxicated) charges carry a penalty of 60 days to one year in jail and do not offer any minimum sentencing requirements. This means that a judge can rule out anywhere from five minutes to the maximum allotted penitentiary allocation depending on circumstance and demeanor of the offender. There is also a non-minimum range for convictions of anywhere from $500 to $5000, depending on circumstance, demeanor, city property damage and collateral for each offender. The state imposes a strict administrative protocol for license suspension depending on the BAC percentage that an offender is charged with. .08 BAC results will merit 180 days of license suspension but can be reduced to 30 days.

The state of Indiana provides deferment programs for first offenders where the DUI charge is dropped after a convicted offender completes an alcohol evaluation and treatment course. Once the offender graduates the charges are cleared- although different programs are offered on a case to case basis and can only be availed of once.

In Indiana, 1st offenders are eligible for deferment of charges provided they complete an alcohol evaluation and treatment program. Upon successful completion, charges are dismissed. An individual may participate only once in this program. All testing and evaluation of the extent of DUI charges are court mandated. Refusal to submit to alcohol evaluation exams as provided by a federal officer will merit to a one year suspension of driving license.

Get DUI Help: Repeat Offenses for Indiana DUI Arrests

You can obtain a hardship license after 30 days of the administrative suspension. As a situation of being approved a provisional license, you may be required to control only vehicles outfitted (at your own expense) with an ignition interlock, which stops you from driving the car if you have some alcohol in your body, For specific cases of reckless driving, the installation of ignition interlock devices to all your vehicles is court-ordered.

The sentence for repeat DUI convictions especially those who cause property damage, accidents that lead to bodily harm and casualty will be subject to the highest form of prosecution declaration where a Judge will sentence defendants to unsympathetic criminal charges… The court will most positively necessitate random drug testing and compulsory completion of an alcohol management course in a qualified facility as part of your sentencing and is not paid by the state.

Repeat offenders, be subject to heavier criminal and administrative penalties and are discretionary to the judgment of the court and can vary as each case is normally affected by dissimilar circumstance and extent of DUI apprehension. The more extenuating conditions and repeat offenses are unveiled, the sentencing becomes more unhindered.

Hire an experienced Indiana DUI Attorney

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