According to the National Transportation Safety Administration, Illinois has one of the “best” DUI laws in the nation. There is little doubt that Illinois has one of the “toughest” DUI laws in the nation. There is no doubt that Illinois has one of the “most complex” DUI laws in the nation. In 2006, over 50,000 citizens had their licenses suspended or revoked based upon the State’s DUI laws. Many provisions of the laws are skewed against the driver and in favor of the prosecution of citizens for driving under the influence. As a result, it is important that citizens be informed of their basic rights while driving.

Driving after consuming alcohol is a perfectly lawful act – unless you are impaired – or have blood alcohol content above a relatively precise legally defined limit.

You may have questions if you are stopped by law enforcement after you have consumed alcohol and are driving a vehicle – Why are you being stopped? Did you violate the law by drinking a bit too much? Are you going to be able to continue driving, or are you going to be taken to jail? What is going to happen to your car? Is there a way to get out of this? If you are cooperative with the officer, will he let you go? What do you say to the officer? Do you have to answer all of the officer’s questions? Do you have to perform field sobriety tests? Will your statements and field sobriety test performance be used only by the officer or will they be used against you in court? All of these and other questions will confront you very quickly. In order not to be confused, you need to know and remember your basic rights.