Connecticut DUI

What Happens To First Time DUI Offenders in Connecticut?

You will be deemed legally intoxicated if you are suspected of a DUI charge and elected for a breathalyzer exam with a result of .08 BAC or higher. The legal intoxication levels for minors (21 and below) is .02 BAC or higher. The state of Connecticut operates under the Implied Consent Law which dictates that everyone operating a motor vehicle is presumed to provide consent for a blood alcohol concentration test as deemed by a federal arresting officer.

Once arrested for a DUI charge, you will be asked to participate in a BAC test, where refusal will merit a license suspension of 6 months with no contest. If you are found guilty of a DUI charge you will be kept in jail until the appropriate bail charges are made and settled. DUI constitutes Criminal law in the state of Connecticut, where a suspected DUI offender once arrested will DUI will receive both a summons and a court date. Once convicted in the court of law, a defendant may receive penalties of anywhere from $500 to $1000 in fines, afforded jail time of a minimum of mandatory 48 hours but not greater than six months, which could be suspended upon a plea bargain that will merit 100 hours of community service and license suspension of one year.

Aside from criminal penalties as imposed by a Dui conviction, administrative suspension periods are outlined and based on the test results of BAC counts. .02 BAC will result in a suspension of 90 days for minors on a DUI charge, 90 days for .08-.16 BAC for adults and anything higher will merit 120 days of license suspension. Administrative suspensions can be reduced to up to 31 days depending on plea bargaining agreements with the court.

You may obtain a special permit to operate from the DMV, which can be done by mail addressed to the DMV of Connecticut. A DUI charge for operators of Commercial Vehicles will result in a lifetime qualification if the charges contain aggravating circumstances. Other factors such as transporting hazardous materials while driving intoxicated will merit a three year suspension as the minimum license revocation period. The BAC failure for operators of commercial vehicles is lower, at .04 % minimum.

Get Connecticut DUI Help: Repeat Offenses for DUI Arrests

There are heavy implications for a DUI charge criminally and administratively in the state of Connecticut. A conviction for DUI can lead to employment black listing and affect sentencing and fines for future DUI offenses. Since the State of Connecticut encourages criminal prosecution DUI convicted offenders the court will push for harsher penalties for more counts of DUI within the statute of legal window for DUI charge validity.

Connecticut considers previous convictions as an added consideration if the prosecution of an existing DUI, increasing the criminal sentencing parameters for suspects who have an outstanding DUI conviction record. The chemical testing results from your DUI conviction history is also taken into consideration, such as your BAC level results and will put you in higher accountability if you were convicted with chemical testing results in the “extremely intoxicated” classification, which is .15 to .20 BAC. At this point the court will appoint mandatory drug testing and enrollment in a drug, alcohol treatment facility as part of your sentencing parameters which you will have to shoulder.

Repeat offenders, depending on severity and circumstance of arrest charges will be subject to heavier criminal and administrative penalties which are discretionary to the prosecuting Judge and may not be clearly stated as it varies. The form of sentencing is more unrestricted as more mitigating circumstances and repeat offenses are presented, where prosecution will try and lobby for the maximum prison sentencing parameter as well as extensive community and court appointed fines and fees.

The criminal punishment for repeat DUI offenders who cause community property damage and even worse accidents which lead to bodily harm and fatality will be subject to the highest form of prosecution claim and may incur more severe criminal charges such as Felony DUI which have a broader sentencing definition.

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