Arkansas DUI

What Happens To First Time DUI Offenders in Arkansas?

The BAC level qualifier for a DWI/DUI arrest in the state of Arkansas is .08 and greater. A suspected DUI (driving while intoxicated) offender found to have .08 or greater on a breathalyzer and over the age of 21 will be advised by the arresting officer to apply for a hearing within the first seven days or a notice of suspension on his license processed by the law enforcement officer initiating the arrest will suspend the license after 30 days.

A first offense category is equivalent to years of DUI related arrests in any state, as Arkansas checks parent states for previous alcohol related driving arrests within that span before calling the DUI charge a first offense category. The fines for a DUI conviction in the Arkansas is anywhere from $150 up to $1000 and prescribed jail time of a minimum of 24 hours but not more than one year where a Judge may order community service instead of time served on lock-up. The driving license for a convicted DUI offender is 120 days to six months for substance abuse other than alcohol with a restricted license issued for work or education purposes upon court discretion.

The court will add an additional 180 days of license suspension upon a defendant’s refusal to undergo a breathalyzer or chemical test for alcohol intoxication there is a 90 day grace period for compliance before a convicted offender can apply for a restricted license. For convicts who have been found with a BAC level of .18% upon conviction, a court appointed installation of ignition interlock devices, shouldered by the defendant is in order. Alcohol education programs for all DUI convicts are mandatory and costs an affordable $50. The offender will also be evaluated for eligibility to enroll in an in-patient alcohol treatment facility upon indication by medical and arrest records.

Under 21 DUI in Arkansas

Arkansas practices Zero Tolerance for a DUI offense and imposes both adult criminal and administrative charges to someone convicted of the DUI charge. The sentencing for a DUI may shift into a Felony DUI if the arresting circumstances are detrimental such as serious physical injury or death. The minor found guilty of a DUI charge will be ordered to complete an alcohol education program with a prescribed community service completion requirement plus affixed license suspension with no restricted license privileges.

Get DUI Help: Repeat Offenses for DUI Arrests

There are serious implications for a DUI charge both criminally and administratively in the state of Arkansas. Your driving aptitude will be taken into question and depending on the amount of DUI charges and convictions may hinder your chances of obtaining special licensing such as a permit to drive commercial vehicles. Multiple DUI convictions leave an indelible mark on your criminal record. A conviction for DUI has long term effects with employment and governmental records and affects sentencing and fines for future DUI offenses. Since the State of Arkansas practices a looking window policy, previous arrests and conviction of DUI related charges from your parent or Arkansas neighboring states are taken into consideration when measuring the degree and kind of DUI charge filed on your account.

Arkansas studies previous conviction and arrest records with DUI, this means that you can expect severe penalties and more jail time if you are repeatedly convicted for driving under the influence. Conviction circumstances such as BAC level results and will put you in modified sentencing if you were convicted with a result in the “extremely intoxicated” classification. You may also be mandated to install ignition interlock devices to all your vehicles. The court will appoint mandatory drug testing and enforced completion of a alcohol treatment program as part of your sentencing parameters which you will have to shoulder.

Repeat offenders, be subject to heavier criminal and administrative penalties and are discretionary to the judgment of the court and may not be clearly stated in this document because each case is affected by a different circumstance and degree of DUI arrest. As more mitigating circumstances and repeat offenses are presented, the sentencing becomes more unhindered.

The criminal punishment for repeat DUI offenders who cause community property damage and even worse accidents which lead to bodily harm and fatality will be subject to the highest form of prosecution claim and will sentence an convicted offender to severe criminal charges – Felony DUI which have a broader sentencing definition.

Hire an experienced Arkansas DUI Attorney

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