3 Reasons You Need DUI Attorneys After A DUI Arrest

No one expects to be arrested for a DUI offense. No one plans to be sitting in the booking department of the county jail or behind bars with other people waiting on their cases. When faced with a DUI charge, you want to be sure that you have a good legal defense and excellent DUI attorneys representing you. They will know how to proceed with your case, how to defend you, and what you may be up against. There are three primary reasons that you need to have DUI attorneys after a DUI arrest.

Start Your Case Strong

The first reason is that your case needs to start out strong on the right foot. Your DUI attorneys will want to talk to you about the case. They will need to know if you are claiming to be guilty or innocent (though most will tell you it doesn’t really matter as much as you just being honest with them about the circumstances). They will ask you if this is your first offense and if not, what happened in your last charges. Being upfront with them is the best way to allow your DUI attorneys to give you a strong defense and a stronger chance of better results.

What steps should be taken

The second reason that you need DUI attorneys after your DUI arrest is that they will know how to proceed with the case and what steps should be taken. Do you know how to ask for a plea bargain? Do you know what paperwork needs to be filed, how to file it and when? They do! Your DUI attorneys will be able to speak on your behalf with the opposing attorneys and the judge. Allowing them to speak for you reduces your chances of saying or doing something that could hinder your case. You are not required to testify in your own defense, and for some, that is a good thing. This prevents you from backing yourself into a corner and prevents the prosecution from attacking you. Filing the necessary paperwork on time also allows for your case to move forward and keep the court process moving rather than stalling and causing a judge to become upset with the progress in your case.

DUI Alwqyer is Your Best Defense

The third reason that you need DUI attorneys after your DUI arrest is that they are your best defense. Everyone has the right to speak with an attorney when they are arrested, regardless of the charge. By talking to your attorney, you are saving yourself from saying the wrong things, and it doesn’t allow the authorities to badger you. This prevents anyone from putting pressure on you to admit to something or say something that you otherwise may not admit to. Undue influence is illegal.

While there plenty of other reasons for having DUI attorneys, these are the top three you should remember.